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Excellent Macal, Ashkenazy and Taipei Orchestra


"The first performance of an orchestra from Taiwan was a highlight of the Prague Spring festival. The orchestra... led by ... Canadian John van Deursen... stood out by its presentation of a rarely performed composition by Viktor Kalabis, the Concerto "Homage a Stravinsky". The last part of the concert, Elgar's Introduction and Allegro, demonstrated the orchestra's excellent string section that performed with an outstanding sense of ensemble."

-    Jiri Tluchor and Frantisek Riha, Pravo Newspaper, Prague

'An excellent musician...his performances are convincing and exciting..."

- Gustav Meier, International Master Teacher of Conducting

"Principal Guest Conductor of the Taipei Philharmonic, Canadian John van Deursen, conducted a musical and finely implemented version of Dvorak's unflagging Eighth Symphony.  .  .   as the first encore he presented his finely tuned arrangement of a Taiwanese lullaby, which with its timeless, universal beauty could have been composed by Dvorak himself."

-  Mats Liljeroos, Hufvudstadsbladet (Finland)

“Sunday afternoon at the Key City Theatre was indeed an afternoon of Orchestral Splendour. I have run out of superlatives to describe this concert. Guest conductor John van Deursen played the orchestra as if it were his personal instrument. He drew a lively and brilliant performance from all the musicians.... a program of masterpieces masterfully played...The program opened with the delightful overture to Rossini's opera, The Barber of Seville....The orchestra sparkled in this music, matching the spirit of the music, enchanting the audience with the tuneful melodies and Rossini's own way of building the texture of the music until it reaches a terrific crescendo. The second half of the program saw a performance of Franz Schubert's majestic 9th Symphony, "The Great"... The whole orchestra played beautifully, moving easily through some very difficult transitions.”

- Yme Woensdregt, Cranbrook DailyTownsman

"Stravinsky made a particular impression  .   .   . a convincing performance of such a difficult work."

- Hart House Review

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